Biofilms can also cause severe infections in our bodies.  Tuberculosis, diabetic ulcers, Lyme disease, medical device-related infections, osteomyelitis, chronic skin wounds and infections that accompany cystic fibrosis are all examples of biofilm-related infections.  Infections caused by biofilms can be much more difficult to treat than infections caused by planktonic bacteria.  These infections may become chronic and often do not respond to traditional antibiotics and often recur when antibiotic treatment is stopped. 

Current antimicrobial products are failing to address the biofilm problem. For this reason, Curza is developing a first-in-class series of antibiofilm antibiotics that are specifically targeted toward killing and eradicating bacteria in the biofilm phenotype.  No antibiotic has been developed previously with this specific intent.  Curza is the world leader in the development of antibiofilm antibiotic technology and is dedicated to protecting our world from the harmful, even life-threatening effects of biofilms.